The Dealio

It’s no secret that I

moonlight as an electric

sugar connoisseur.

First drink’s on me, eh?

Heads up!

Here’s the thing though: I’ve been known to suck at first impressions. I tend to come across as quiet and shy, which I deeply am don’t get me wrong, but I’m a lot like a tea bag. The moment I warm up to you, I come alive – flavour, colour, wonder and then some.

I guess in some ways, this website is me trying to skip the process from acquaintance to besties. Like, let’s skip all the formalities and do heart-to-hearts. No, seriously.

I kind of bare it all here. I share what I’m learning, where I’m at in this thing called life and try to add a little sparkle on this corner of the internet.

Stay a while and let’s do life together. Deal?

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